Wednesday 13 January, 2021

Readjusting our lives

“On leaving the synagogue, Jesus went with James and John straight to the house of Simon and Andrew. Now Simon’s mother-in-law had gone to bed with fever, and they told him about her straightaway. He went to her, took her by the hand and helped her up. And the fever left her and she began to wait on them.” (Mark 1:29-32)


After a time of sickness or pain, our life often takes some form of readjustment. At first, we will be grateful for feeling well again – maybe to doctors, carers, loved ones and, if we are believers, to God too. We will slowly return to some kind of ‘normality’ and no matter how moderate or extreme the time of sickness was, we will often, in the future, compare how we feel now to how we felt then, think about what we couldn’t do, and consider and be grateful for what we can do. When Simon Peter’s mother in law is healed by Jesus of her fever, she immediately begins waiting upon him. For her, good health meant being able to serve Christ. If we seek healing from God it can never be solely about release from pain or fatigue so that we can carry on carefree. To receive the healing touch of Jesus demands a response to his love. His healing liberates us to serve him better, to put our life at his disposal, to readjust our lives around him.


Lord Jesus, we pray for all who are sick and those who care for them. We offer too, our own need of healing and strength which comes from your hand. Raise us up to serve you better, and to give glory to your name, for you are Lord for ever and ever. Amen.

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