Sunday 31 January 2021



“Jesus and his disciples went as far as Capernaum, and as soon as the sabbath came he went to the synagogue and began to teach. And his teaching made a deep impression on them because, unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority.

  In their synagogue just then there was a man possessed by an unclean spirit and it shouted, ‘What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God.’ But Jesus said sharply, ‘Be quiet! Come out of him!’ And the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. The people were so astonished that they started asking each other what it all meant. ‘Here is a teaching that is new’ they said ‘and with authority behind it: he gives orders even to unclean spirits and they obey him.’ And his reputation rapidly spread everywhere, through all the surrounding Galilean countryside..’”

mark 1:21-28


Thank God for the ground-breakers! Those people who do things in a new way, show us how things can be done differently whether comedians and singers, writers and film directors, actors and artists, and scientists. Quite often, they may not be appreciated straightaway, perhaps followed only by a small group of people who see their potential, who are excited by what they see unfolding before them. Sometimes, it can take years for someone to be appreciated for their ground breaking work, and some aren’t appreciated until after their death. What do those in today’s reading from Scripture see that is new or ground breaking in Jesus? Certainly, they are glad to hear this new teaching and delivered with such authority. Perhaps, for so long, they had tired of the same old tedious people ‘spouting off’ and whose words fall to the ground like sterile seeds. Yet here, they see even so called “unclean spirits” obeying Jesus’ orders. Jesus’ though did not come to undo the age old teaching of the People of Israel. He was clear that he came to fulfil it. But people are beginning to wonder who he is. Interest in him is growing. This wandering teacher seems to be doing something new, something different. Soon, they will discover the heart of his message: the love of God. And we all know how ground-breaking love can be!


God our Father, through your Holy Spirit may we be attentive to the words of your Son. May we accept his teaching, follow his example, and bring his love to the world. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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