Day 8: A Bee among the Flowers

Over the last year, we’ve paid more serious attention to the birds and the bees as we shape the ‘Wild Side’ of St Mary’s, carving out a home for nature, planting flowers to attract pollinators and others.  There’s been much publicity about the plight of bees, and how important and essential they and other pollinators are to human living, to the whole eco-system.

“After communion, the soul rests in the balm of love, as a bee among the flowers,” said St John Vianney.  Perhaps his phrase is somewhat sentimental and flowery (if you’ll excuse the pun).  It’s easy to attribute human characteristics to animals and assume the bees are somehow happy as we would be happy, as they buzz amongst the flowers. 

“After communion, the soul rests in the balm of love, as a bee among the flowers.”

St John Vianney

Perhaps we can simply say that they are in their rightful place, doing what they and the world wants and needs them to do, taking their position in the natural order of the world, working by instinct, a creative culmination of years of evolution, helping the world to be balanced and right.

And so, when we have received the great gift of Holy Communion, the world – or our world, at least – is, for a while, for the briefest of moments, so brief to go unnoticed at times, perhaps, is balanced and right. 

That time after we have received Holy Communion is a time spent in thankful prayer, knowing that we are in our rightful place.  We are with Jesus, united with him, a gift received and filled with love, a love which heals and soothes us.

The world around us may be chaotic, our own little world may be out of sorts but, for that small moment, we are in the right place.  We can take to heart the words of Peter on that mountain of Transfiguration, and say or feel that “It is good for us to be here” as we rest in the balm of God’s love as a bee among the flowers.

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