Monday 8 March 2021

The place where you live


‘Jesus came to Nazara and spoke to the people in the synagogue: ‘I tell you solemnly, no prophet is ever accepted in his own country.

LUKE 24 -30


Wherever we live, no doubt we will be aware of someone from our locality who has done well. They may not necessarily be from our own town or village, but from our county, our closest city or even country – someone in whom we take pride, who takes with them the aspirations of all, raises our own profile, promotes where we live.

Jesus’ homecoming to Nazareth isn’t met with much pride. Everyone knows him, and some can’t stomach his teaching. In fact, if we went on reading the one liner from Luke, we’d witness the crowds hustling Jesus to the edge of a cliff to kill him but he slips through the crowds and walks away.

His rising from the backwater of Nazareth confuses them, and yet if they had seen Jesus with the eyes of faith, they would have realised that his background goes deeper than a small, seemingly insignificant town. Sometimes, we are so caught up with distractions and delights, that we fail to perceive what is before us. We can take so much for granted, and the gifts that God gives us can be missed and mishandled. In Jesus, we see the possibilities of what it means to be human and, in his humanity, he reveals the divine, for God has come to live among us. In the psalm at Mass today, we pray, “O send forth your light and your truth;  let these be my guide. Let them bring me to your holy mountain,  to the place where you dwell.”


God our Father, guide us with your light and truth, that we may be alert and alive to Jesus who has come to live among us. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

One thought on “Monday 8 March 2021

  1. “Can any good come out of Nazareth?” was Nathaniel’s maybe sarcastic question,( answered by Philip,.”Come & see”) because,so I read, there had been a tax revolt at Nazareth against the Roman Authority merely resulting in some locals being crucified.


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