Day 22: Prayer of St John Henry Newman

I place myself in the presence of Him,
in whose Incarnate Presence I am
before I place myself there.
I adore You, O my Saviour,
present here as God and as man,
in soul and in body, in true flesh and blood.
I acknowledge and confess that
I kneel before that Sacred Humanity,
which was conceived in Mary’s womb,
and lay in Mary’s bosom;
which grew up to twelve,
wrought miracles,
and spoke words of wisdom and peace;
which in due season hung on the cross,
lay in the tomb, rose from the dead,
and now reigns in heaven.
I praise, and bless, and give myself wholly to Him,
who is the true Bread of my soul,
and my everlasting joy.

 I discovered this prayer of St John Henry Newman in recent years.  It was written for use when visiting the Blessed Sacrament.

In many churches, like St Mary’s, the Sacrament of Christ’s Body is reserved in a Tabernacle, sometimes in a separate chapel. 

From here, the Sacrament may be taken to those who are unable to attend Mass through sickness or advanced age, or to those who are dying.  It is also provides an opportunity for people to spend time in prayer, assured of Christ’s abiding presence in our lives.

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