Day 32: Changing Rooms (2)


Amazing things happen in the most ordinary of places.  When Jesus sent Peter and John to find a room to prepare the Passover Supper little did they know the amazing things that would happen in that room over the next fifty days!

We continue our sideways glance and quirky look through Scripture (Luke chapters 22-24) from Maundy Thursday to Pentecost Sunday, and focus on that ‘Changing Room’ – where the room in which they lodged really did become a venue where they were changed for the good.

Room for Change

Thomas was last in and bolted the door
as he closed out the night.
The warm glow of the lamps did nothing to comfort them.
There was silence in the room.
No tears, no talk.
Just silence.
‘I’ll put the kettle on,’ she said.
It was Mary - practical and down to earth.
She put the kettle on and waited for water to boil.
They drank the tea, hot and sweet.
James slurped his and John nudged him in disapproval.
Sons of Thunder, they were called.
Always arguing.
But this was no time for falling out.  
They had to stick together.
The one thing they had in common had been taken from them.
And now, as their minds were blown by the day’s events,
they had nothing to say to each other.
They concentrated on the ordinary.
Clutching the mugs, picking at the pottery,
holding warmth in their hands.
Seeking comfort in a drink.
Mary busied herself.
Occupying her mind with domestic chores,
trying to fill the void with the mundane.
There was still bread on the table,
crumbs and spilled wine from the night before.
Memories hung in the air.
The lamp flickered,
the flames teased by the draught from the window.
Peter stared at the fire,
looking for a sign of the divine.
A promise of his presence.
An unburned bush.
But nothing.
And then his gaze dropped to the floor,
looking for holy ground and hoping to hear a voice.
He picked at the mud on his shoes
and could think of no reason to remove them.
And then cradled his head in his hands
as if nursing a hangover.
Things would never be the same. 

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