Day 33: Changing Rooms (3)


Amazing things happen in the most ordinary of places.  When Jesus sent Peter and John to find a room to prepare the Passover Supper little did they know the amazing things that would happen in that room over the next fifty days!

We continue our sideways glance and quirky look through Scripture (Luke chapters 22-24) from Maundy Thursday to Pentecost Sunday, and focus on that ‘Changing Room’ – where the room in which they lodged really did become a venue where they were changed for the good.

Closed Doors

It was the doorbell.
They used to have a bell that played Greensleaves
but with all the coming and going
over the last two days it had broken.
And now they were left with a simple ‘Ding.’
The ‘dong’ had long disappeared!
Peter answered the door.
It was Cleopas.
Have we got some news for you!’ he exclaimed,
and then stopped short.  
‘Eughh! What’s that smell?’
‘It’s Matthew,’ said Peter.  ‘He’s cooking again.’
‘What is it this time?  Kedgeree?’
‘No grilled fish.’
‘Oh …very Jamie Oliver!’
‘Apparently it’s all the rage in Jerusalem,’ said Peter.
‘There are Grilled Fish Restaurants
popping up all over the place.
MacDonald’s have even introduced a Mcfish burger.
Anyway, don’t just stand there
Come in. 
Matthew, there’s another one for supper!
So, what’s up?'

‘Well - to cut a long story short!’
shouted Cleopas, 'we’ve seen him!’
‘On the way to Emmaus.  We didn’t know it was him at the time.  It wasn’t till Supper that it dawned on us!’
‘So why didn’t you bring him back?’
‘He disappeared from our sight.’
‘Cleopas,’ said Peter, ‘I know you have a habit of losing things but this is ridiculous!’
Suddenly, there was commotion in the kitchen:
the drop of a pan and a shout from the fish chef.
He emerged from the kitchen, armed with a fish slice.
And then the questions followed.
‘What did he say?’
‘Where did he go?’
‘How did he look?’
Where is he now?’
‘What should we do?’
‘Slow down, slow down!’ shouted Cleopas.
‘One question at a time…please!’
And then there was silence.
An eerie silence.
'Don’t look now,’ whispered Matthew,
‘but I think there’s a ghost in the room.’
Don’t be stupid!’ said Peter disparagingly.
‘What do you think this is? An episode of Scooby Doo?!’
They turned to where Matthew was staring,
and saw a figure in the room.
Peter stood still.
John froze to the floor.
Matthew dropped his fish slice.
'I’m scared,’ said Bartholomew.
'I’m going,’ said Matthew
as he picked up his fish slice from the floor.
‘What are you so afraid of?’
It was Jesus.
‘Look at me.  Touch me.
I’m flesh and bone.  Hardly a ghost!’
He showed them his hands and feet,
wounded with love.
'This is too good to be true,’ said Thomas.
‘Do you have anything to eat?’ asked Jesus.
‘Well,’ said Peter, ‘as it happens we do have some grilled fish.’
‘It’s Matthew,’ said Cleopas.  ‘He’s been cooking again’
‘I wondered what the smell was!’ said Jesus.
Matthew handed him a piece, with a look of eager expectation.
‘The others are afraid to taste my cooking.
They think it’ll kill them!’
Jesus took the fish and ate it before their eyes.
He sat down with them,
led them in a brief Bible study,
telling them everything,
opening their eyes, talking about more promises,
and other things to come.
‘Wasn’t this enough?’ they thought.
‘Is there really more to come?!’
‘Come on,’ said Jesus, ‘we have to move on.’
It seemed he could never stay in one place for long these days.
He pressed the handle of the door.

A few hours late they were climbing the side of a mountain.
‘Mountains, mountains, always mountains,’
moaned James as he climbed.
‘Stop moaning,’ said John.
‘You’ve always been a moaner.  Never happy.'
‘Will you just mind your own business!’ fired James.
‘Will you two stop arguing?’ interrupted Peter.
Jesus raised his hands and blessed them.  And then he was gone.
But this time: no tears, no silence, just joy.
This was the beginning of something.
Things would never be the same. 

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