Day 28: Intimate Holiness

Many years ago, a friend of mine served Christmas dinner to a number of families living in a very poor area.  He was joined by others, including a nun who soon rushed into the kitchen rather flustered.  “We haven’t served the starter yet, and they’ve eaten the after dinner mints!” The formality of some diningContinue reading “Day 28: Intimate Holiness”

Day 27: A prophecy in bread and wine

‘It was not meant to hurt | It had been made for happy remembering | By people who were still too young | to have learned about memory’ ….And how that explosion would hurt | is not just an idea of horror but a flash of fine sweat | over the skin-surface, a bracing ofContinue reading “Day 27: A prophecy in bread and wine”

Day 26: For Real

Thanks to Fr Martin Williams for his third post during our 40 Meditations on the Mass Religious people – and people who say they are not ‘religious’ but ‘spiritual’ – are often accused of not living in the ‘real world’. (The same is also said of political idealists or people regarded as ‘do-gooders’ by theirContinue reading “Day 26: For Real”

Day 25: No slums in heaven

“In the beginning, when the work started,” wrote St Teresa of Calcutta, “I got a fever and had a dream about St Peter.  He said to me, “No, there is no place for you here.  No slums in heaven.”  “All right,” I answered him, “then I shall go on working.  I’ll bring the people fromContinue reading “Day 25: No slums in heaven”