Day 7: Food for the Journey

Each years, for years, I used to take a large group of young people to the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage although that privilege now is left to younger leaders!  It’s quite a long coach journey and, when we arrived, we slept in tents in the middle of a field. The food was good considering the circumstancesContinue reading “Day 7: Food for the Journey”

Day 6: The Bread of Life

“I am the Bread of Life,” said Jesus. When he uses these words he places himself within the story of Israel’s wilderness years, their escape from slavery, their time of God given gifts in the desert, gifts which feed them as they wander, seeking the promised land. The following reflection feasts on those words andContinue reading “Day 6: The Bread of Life”

Day 5: Wine and Water

Can’t cook, won’t cook, or just prefer to watch others cooking?! There’s a feast of cooking programmes on the TV these days which may mean that many of us spend more time watching other people prepare food than standing at the stove ourselves! It’s a good way, though, to be inspired to try some newContinue reading “Day 5: Wine and Water”

Day 4: The Mystery of the Mass

Some years ago, a priest colleague of a slightly different tradition from mine, once angrily castigated me on the steps of the Cathedral for casually calling the Eucharist, “the Mass.”  The word was natural to me, and I didn’t think too much of using it even in conversation with someone of an evangelical tradition.  IContinue reading “Day 4: The Mystery of the Mass”