Day 37: Enter the mystery

Thanks to Fr Martin Williams for another guest post today who explores what we mean by the sacrifice of the Mass During the pandemic we have all needed to make sacrifices, that is, to put it crudely, to do some things we find tiresome or disagreeable and to abstain from things we habitually enjoy doingContinue reading “Day 37: Enter the mystery”

Day 35: Love bade me welcome

Amongst our 40 meditations on the Mass, we scatter prayers and poetry and hymns to help us reflect further on the deep meaning of the Eucharist. This poem by George Herbert (1593-1632 ), a Welsh born poet and priest of the Church of England, is like a journey into love, with various stages travelled inContinue reading “Day 35: Love bade me welcome”

Day 34: Changing Rooms (4)

Introduction Amazing things happen in the most ordinary of places.  When Jesus sent Peter and John to find a room to prepare the Passover Supper little did they know the amazing things that would happen in that room over the next fifty days! We complete our sideways glance and quirky look through Scripture (Luke chaptersContinue reading “Day 34: Changing Rooms (4)”